Santa Barbara & San Francisco Lifestyle & Documentary Photographer | FAQs


Welcome to Alison Photography's FAQs page




1) When do I pay my session fee?

Your session fee is due in full on the day of your shoot.


2) How do I pay my session fee?

Your session fee may be paid by cash or check. 


3) How do I contact you if something changes on the day of my shoot?

I will give you my cell number for any last minute changes on the day of the shoot.


4) How long do portrait sessions last?

Single subject sessions are approximately one hour. Multiple subject sessions are typically between one and two hours. Breaks may be incorporated for small children–––please let me know ahead of time if you think your child/children will require breaks, and, if so, the likely duration and frequency of breaks. 




1) What do I wear for my portraits? 

Please refer to my portrait dressing guidelines here.


2) What should I bring to my session?

Please bring any props, blankets and changes of clothing and shoes you may want for your portraits. Additionally, please bring any extra shoes or clothes you think you may need to comfortably walk from one location to the next. Please bring snacks, toys, and any other items your children may need. I may bring a few toys too. 


3) What if my kids are really out of sorts during the session?

For small children, sessions can be broken up with breaks. Where children are really having a hard day, a re-shoot may be necessary and would be included at no extra cost.



1) How do I send you my favorites for retouching?

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can e-mail a list of the file numbers, which are the numbers following the letter codes under the thumbnail of your photo, to me. Alternatively, you can follow the illustrated instructions that follow. 




1) How do I download my digital negatives?

2) How do I oder prints and other items with my photos?