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Presidio Chapel Santa Barbara Wedding & Reception Shot with iPhone 6 | Alison Photography

March 09, 2015  •  3 Comments


Earlier this year, I attended a fun, festive and intimate wedding and reception at the Presidio Chapel and Historical Museum in Santa Barbara. The couple, together with family and close friends, celebrated and reaffirmed two decades of love, devotion and companionship. While the event photographers captured outstanding images (see their blog post here), I put Chase Jarvis' wisdom ("the best camera is the one that's with you") to the test by shooting the day's events with an iPhone 6. A few short years ago, I would not have thought it possible to take photos like these with a phone camera (in fact, I didn't even have, nor think I needed, a smartphone until late 2012!). While the iPhone is still not (and probably never will be) my camera of choice (yes, even despite its stylish design, purse-friendly size and general portability), I really love these images and I had a great time taking on this challenge. Most importantly though, the couple will have these photos as reminders of some of the unique details and fleeting moments that made up their special day.

(For those who are interested, this collection was made with the native camera on an iPhone 6 and edited in Lightroom 3.)

Please check out my follow up to this post (and some lovely wedding images!) here.

C-Smith-Everett-4760C-Smith-Everett-4760 C-Smith-Everett-4775C-Smith-Everett-4775 C-Smith-Everett-4754C-Smith-Everett-4754 C-Smith-Everett-4746C-Smith-Everett-4746 C-Smith-Everett-4705C-Smith-Everett-4705

C-Smith-Everett-4783C-Smith-Everett-4783 C-Smith-Everett-4803C-Smith-Everett-4803 C-Smith-Everett-4792C-Smith-Everett-4792 C-Smith-Everett-4889C-Smith-Everett-4889

C-Smith-Everett-4826-2C-Smith-Everett-4826-2 C-Smith-Everett-4893C-Smith-Everett-4893 C-Smith-Everett-5503C-Smith-Everett-5503 C-Smith-Everett-4909-2C-Smith-Everett-4909-2 C-Smith-Everett-4936C-Smith-Everett-4936 C-Smith-Everett-4927C-Smith-Everett-4927 C-Smith-Everett-4954C-Smith-Everett-4954 C-Smith-Everett-4964C-Smith-Everett-4964 C-Smith-Everett-4990C-Smith-Everett-4990The Reception • Santa Barbara Historical Museum C-Smith-Everett-4977-2C-Smith-Everett-4977-2 C-Smith-Everett-4967C-Smith-Everett-4967 C-Smith-Everett-4998-2C-Smith-Everett-4998-2 C-Smith-Everett-5021C-Smith-Everett-5021 C-Smith-Everett-5074C-Smith-Everett-5074 C-Smith-Everett-5086C-Smith-Everett-5086 C-Smith-Everett-5015C-Smith-Everett-5015 C-Smith-Everett-5037-3C-Smith-Everett-5037-3 C-Smith-Everett-5071C-Smith-Everett-5071 C-Smith-Everett-5078C-Smith-Everett-5078 C-Smith-Everett-5100C-Smith-Everett-5100 C-Smith-Everett-5082C-Smith-Everett-5082 C-Smith-Everett-5063-2C-Smith-Everett-5063-2 C-Smith-Everett-5091-2C-Smith-Everett-5091-2 C-Smith-Everett-5103-3C-Smith-Everett-5103-3 C-Smith-Everett-5109C-Smith-Everett-5109 C-Smith-Everett-5114C-Smith-Everett-5114 C-Smith-Everett-5142-2C-Smith-Everett-5142-2 C-Smith-Everett-5212C-Smith-Everett-5212 C-Smith-Everett-5246C-Smith-Everett-5246 C-Smith-Everett-5502-3C-Smith-Everett-5502-3 C-Smith-Everett-5286C-Smith-Everett-5286 C-Smith-Everett-5304-2C-Smith-Everett-5304-2 C-Smith-Everett-5318C-Smith-Everett-5318 C-Smith-Everett-5325-2C-Smith-Everett-5325-2 C-Smith-Everett-5485C-Smith-Everett-5485 C-Smith-Everett-5351-2C-Smith-Everett-5351-2 C-Smith-Everett-5369C-Smith-Everett-5369 C-Smith-Everett-5480C-Smith-Everett-5480


Thank you Lauren and Tom for your kind words! I love what I do :)
Lauren Everett Smith(non-registered)
I slowly went through these all again...more than two years later..and they are just as wonderful if not more from the first day I saw them. You captured the best and most fun day of our lives....we are forever thankful!!! xoxoxo
Tom Tomasi(non-registered)
Great pictures off your iPhone. I really enjoyed . tom
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